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Stainless Steel Folding Scissors


Ideal for traveling or crafts on the go – sewing, fishing, hiking, first aid etc

1. Use both hands to pull the two finger rings apart until fully extended

2. Rotate the 2 blades slowly until they move into normal scissor position

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Small Stainless Steel  Folding Scissors (4 ¾ inch)

• Handy little holes at the end of the finger grips to attach a key-chain, or a colourful tassel so they’re easier to find in your bag
• Retractable blades tuck in so there are no dangerous sharp edges when folded
• Fold up to look like strange little opera glasses
• When opened out the scissors  measure 4 ¾ inches (9cm)
• Folded they measure 9cm by 2½ cm

*Threads in photos are not included – they are there to show product size

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