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Havel’s Snip-A-Stitch Scissors 41/2″ 33009


Havel’s Snip-A-Stitch Scissors 33009

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Havel’s Snip-A-Stitch Scissors 33009

  • “4 1/2” Snip-a-Stitch Scissors

    Get closer to your stitches, seams and threads than ever before with the most versatile, long-lasting snips you’ll ever need! Our 4 1/2” Snip-a-Stitch Scissors are small, lightweight and cut quickly and easily. The notched blade grabs single stitches removes them effortlessly, and the easy squeeze action is ideal for tired or arthritic hands.

    ? Removes individual stitches, seams and threads
    ? Sharp, curved blade slides easily underneath 
        single stiches
    ? Comfortable, easy to use”
    ? No more troublesome stitching errors!

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