Weeks Dye Works Quilting Cotton

Size 40 Cotton Thread: 450 yard spool


"Weeks Dye Works' size 40 sewing thread is 100% cotton and hand over-dyed. We recently changed our dyeing processes so that all of our currently available sewing threads are colorfast. We did this in an environmentally responsible process.


Packaged on 450-yard spools, this colorfast fiber is ideal for a number of creative pursuits, including:


  • Quilting

    Our sewing thread can be used on both machine- and hand-quilted pieces.
  • Punchneedle

    When you use our sewing thread with a #1 strand needle, you won't have to frequently rethread your needle ... a definite plus when you're working on a large project! 
  • Sewing projects

    Use our sewing thread with our matching linen, weavers cloth and wool fabrics to create wonderful toys, doll clothes and other projects that can be treasured for a lifetime. You can also use it to create contrast on a solid-color project or to camouflage stitches on patterned cloth. "

Quoted from Weeks Dye Works site


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