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Clover Domed Needle Case Item Art 625


Clover Domed Needle Case Item Art 625

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Clover Domed Needle Case Item Art 625

    • A novel case for threaded needles in which threads are wound in a reel. Up to 10 threaded needles can be neatly stored.Instructions
      1. Insert threaded needle into the groove on the reel
      2. Gently hold thread in slot and rotate the reel to wind the thread
      3. To withdraw the needle, hold needle and thread together and pull slowly


      • A needle with length of 2″ (51.5 mm) or longer cannot be stored
      • The length of the thread on the stored needles should not exceed 35″ (80 cm) in length
      • Never store a thread tied with a knot
      • Recommended to store needles in order 1-10 and remove needles in reverse order 10-1

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