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Zweigart ‘Waste’ Canvas 14ct – 65cm width

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14ct Zweigart Waste Canvas 510.68.56

ZWEIGART Waste Canvas helps with transferring cross-stitch embroideries onto non-countable textiles such as clothing fabrics; for example onto a sweatshirt, t -shirt, or a bag maybe.

Zweigart instructions say to cut the canvas 8 to 10 cm larger than the embroidered motif.
Use a sharper point needle instead of the usual blunter tapestry needle for stitching. When the motif has been fully embroidered, moisten the embroidery with a bit of water
and use tweezers or similar to pull the canvas out of the embroidery thread by thread leaving the finished stitching in place.
This way they say, you can cleanly embroider a motif made with cross-stitching onto a non-countable fabric.

~Colour: White
~ 65cm width
~ Product sold in 25cm x full width increments

Made in Germany

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