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Scissors, Threaders & Cutters from Bohin Klasse Clover and more

Accessories - Embroidery and Sewing Accessories

Scissors, Threaders & Cutters from Bohin, Klasse, Clover and more

We have several types and brands of scissors, threaders  and cutters.

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Embroidery Scissors

Using the right scissors for each task is essential for your needlework projects—all-purpose scissors simply can’t do the cutting and snipping jobs as well as embroidery scissors. A good pair of scissors is a pleasure to use; the wrong a pair is miserable and ineffective.

Embroidery is a fine art that requires scissors that can trim threads closely and accurately. Embroidery scissors are small with thin, sharp blades, which allows them to get as close to the embroidered fabric as possible. You can find embroidery scissors shaped like straight scissors, bent at almost a right angle to keep your fingers away from the embroidery hoop, or with flat, spring-loaded handles like pliers.

As your source for embroidery scissors in Australia, we are proud to feature Gingher. For more than 50 years, Gingher has focused on fine craftsmanship to create high-quality embroidery scissors and shears—making them a good long-term investment for your needleworking needs. We also carry Snip-Eze and Easy Kut scissors.

At the end of the day, how the scissors feel in your hand is important. Our embroidery scissors come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect fit—both in terms of comfort and ease of use and for perfecting your embroidery project.

We not only offer a range of embroidery scissors for Australia’s needle workers, we offer other accessories and tools that will make your project easier to complete and much more fun. We have a range of needle threaders for different size needles. A needle threader is a must have addition to your tool box—it is one tool that can save your eyesight (and your sanity).  And, at some point, you will need to rip out a seam. You can use your embroidery scissors, but a seam ripper is much more effective.  Finally, we offer thread and yarn cutters.

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