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Gingher Scissors

Accessories - Embroidery and Sewing Accessories

“For over 54 years, Gingher has been recognized for their premier line of cutting implements for home sewing, crafts, needlework and industry. We believe that this success is due to our heritage of quality craftsmanship.

Using a method that is centuries-old, skilled technicians hot-drop forge our scissors and shears from high carbon cutlery steel. Key grinding and polishing operations are still performed by hand to ensure a flawless appearance and sharp cutting all the way to the point of the scissor. The blades, points and tension of each scissor are then “tuned” by hand to ensure the same high performance and longevity in every pair. By the time our scissors leave our factory in Greensboro, North Carolina, they have been touched more than fifty times by our own craftspeople. It is for this reason we can truly say, “from our hands to yours.”.”

Quoted from the Gingher website.

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