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Kreinik Cord, Cable, Japan Thread & Ombre

Kreinik - Kreinik Cord, Cable, Japan Thread & Ombre

Super-thin Cord is used for couching thicker threads, and for making fine details in a design (like stitched eyelashes). Other ideas: Use it to backstitch in cross stitch, overstitch in needlepoint, combine with any yarn in your crochet and knitting projects, and use it in the needle for machine embroidery. It’s also an elegant metal fibre for card and scrapbooking.

Cable gives a very elegant touch to any design. Use Kreinik Cable when you want a twisted metal or rope-style look in your needlepoint, cross stitch, or sampler designs. It’s also good for wrapping and embellishing scrapbook pages and cards. Available on 10 metre (11 yard) spools.

Kreinik Japan Threads are synthetic, non-tarnishing gimps that give the appearance of stitching with real metals. Use them anywhere, from Asian embroidery to charted needlepoint, painted canvas, samplers, ecclesiastical, and other surface embroidery. Japan Threads are available in Super Fine #1 (thin), Fine #5, and Medium #7 (the thickest).  We have both japan Thread #1 and #5.

Kreinik Ombre is an 8-ply, softly twisted metallic thread. We currently carry only 2 colours, 1500 Rainbow and 1700 Misty Gold. Email if you require other shades. Suitable for cross stitch, needlepoint, and Machine Embroidery. Available on 15 metre (17 yard) spools.

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