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DMC Tapestry Wool - Art 486

DMC Embroidery Threads & Accessories - DMC Tapestry Wool - Art 486

DMC Tapestry Wool Art 486 (and Tapestry Wool hanks Art 487 if available)

A 4-ply, superior quality, non-divisible wool used primarily for needlepoint, due to its durability and colour fastness. 

Skeins:  The 8.7 yard pull-skein (Art. 486) is available in an extensive range of 390 colours. 

 DMC Tapestry Wool

DMC wool threads are exceptional in quality, making them a favourite for needle workers the world over. DMC tapestry wool is a soft, smooth non-divisible yarn made of 100% virgin wool. Its twist and thickness provide excellent canvas coverage with a smooth, even texture for your needlework projects.

And it’s made to last: DMC tapestry wool is both mothproof and colourfast, and endorsed by the Woolmark. The wool is combed and twilled which gives it an even finish.

Using DMC tapestry wool

DMC tapestry wool is available in two put-ups for your needlework needs.  An 8.7 yard pull-skein is available in an extraordinary palette of 390 colours.

DMC tapestry wool is normally worked on larger mesh canvas sizes 10 up to 14. DMC recommends working with lengths of yarn no longer than 18-20 inches—this prevents fraying and wearing down of the yarn while stitching. For areas of the same colour, particularly backgrounds, it is recommended to use skeins from the same dyelot.

About DMC

DMC is the premier brand name in needlework threads. For 2 and a half centuries, needle workers have used DMC threads to create cherished heirlooms for their loved ones and themselves. After years of providing exceptional quality products, DMC embroidery thread is synonymous with needlepoint, embroidery, and cross stitch.


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