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DMC Metallic Threads

DMC Embroidery Threads & Accessories - DMC Metallic Threads

Metallic Embroidery Threads 

This 3-ply, non-divisible thread is perfect as an accent on all types of hand embroidery and cross-stitch and are washable and resistant to tarnish.

It is available in three colours — Light Gold (282ZA), Silver (283ZA) and Dark Gold (284ZA).


Diamant Metallic Embroidery Threads Reels

DMC’s Diamant thread is available in 12 rich metallic shades and is easy to use in many cross stitch and embroidery projects.

Diamant thread comes in 12 different colours:-

Light Gold, Gold, Gold and Black , Light Silver, Silver , Copper and the new colours Red Ruby, Pink Amethyst, Emerald, White, Oak and Black.

Length: 35m Spool

D699, D321, D5200, D301 – 100% metallized polyester

D168, D3821, D310 – 72% viscose, 28% metallized polyester

D140 – 89% rayon, 11% metallized polyester

Made in Japan.

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