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Ideas for Using Light Effects

Link to Cross Stitch Ideas for Light Effects

Light Effects Colour Numbers

Light Effects uses the same colour numbering system as DMC cotton Embroidery Floss.  There is simply an “E” prefix in front of the colour number.  For example, the popular colour number 321 in DMC cotton Floss has a corresponding colour number E321 in Light Effects.

The 11 original colours of DMC Metallic Floss are part of the new Light Effects line, and have been renumbered. Double numbering (both new Light Effects number and old Metallic Floss number) will appear on the skein labels for a limited time for easy reference.


Threading your needle with Light Effects

Use a slip knot when threading your needle with Light Effects threads.  This will hold the thread in place while stitching.  We recommend using a Tapestry Needle Size 24 with Light Effects.


Stitching Hints for Light Effects

– It is recommended to work with shorter lengths of Light Effects, approx. 12”, to prevent tangling and to avoid fraying. The more the thread is pulled through the fabric, the more “wear and tear” it takes. Shorter thread lengths help to prevent this from occurring.

– If your Light Effects becomes tangled while stitching, simply drop the needle and allow the thread to unwind itself. This helps to reduce knotting, too.

– When working with a combination of Light Effects and Embroidery Floss, you may want to lightly moisten the fibres with a clean, damp sponge. This will help the two thread types to stay together more easily during stitching.

– Enjoy creating your stitches with Light Effects. Try stitching slowly, and this will allow you to better control the placement and laying of your stitches.

– When stitching on non-evenweave fabric, try using a needle that is one size larger than you would normally use. This will help to “open” the fabric to allow the Light Effects thread to more easily slide through the tight weave of the fabric.

– Glass Seed Beads can also be added to your cross stitch design for accent. Simply place a bead onto your threaded needle, and slide it down to the fabric for correct positioning. Then complete that part of your cross stitch to secure the bead in place.


Care Instructions for Light Effects 

– Washable pieces stitched with Light Effects can be laundered in warm water (not to exceed 105°F) with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach. Wrap in towel to remove excess water, but do not wring. Then lie flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Iron on low setting, if needed.

– For dry-cleanable pieces, any dry cleaning solvent except trichloroethylene may be used.


Ideas for Using Light Effects

– You can customize any existing design by simply replacing the cotton DMC Embroidery Floss colour with its corresponding colour in Light Effects.  This will add a special glitter and dimension to any project.  Remember, you can stitch with the same number of strands of Light Effects as recommended for cotton DMC Floss.

– Or try mixing one strand of Light Effects with 1 – 2 strands of DMC cotton Floss, for a gentle highlight to your needlework piece.  You can mix either the corresponding solid colour of Light Effects, or try using multi-coloured Gemstones (E130) or Golden Dawn (E135) with a complementary solid cotton shade.

– The unique Fluorescent and Glow-in-the-Dark colours are particularly fun for stitching on kids’ items.  Or try a crafty use like a braided dog collar or a fun friendship bracelet



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